Avocado is one of the most nutritious superfood for the health-conscious. Loaded with tons of different vitamins and nutrients such as Vitamin C, E, K, and it even has more Potassium than bananas! Consuming avocados will no doubt clear up your complexion, but did you know that applying avocado topically onto your skin and hair work wonders too?

The healthy antioxidants, minerals and fatty acids within avocados are able to penetrate into your skin, leaving them moisturized and supple! Avocados are especially good for people with skin irritation or dry skin. The skin-protecting antioxidants within avocados also slow down aging and prevent wrinkles. Which is why I have incorporated avocado as the main ingredient in the Avocado Body Mask and Avocado Face Mask DIY regimes which I will be sharing with you today!

If you did not know, besides our skin, avocados work amazingly well on our hair too! For those suffering from hair loss problems, avocados are packed with 2 important elements you would need to counter hair loss; Vitamin B and E. Vitamin B is required for hair growth and Vitamin E helps repair damaged hair and scalp. They work especially well for those with severely dry or damaged hair. Which is the reason why Avocado Hair Mask is the most effective natural hair loss treatment ever!

Today, I will be showing you how to concoct your very own Avocado Hair Mask, Avocado Body Mask, and Avocado Face Mask DIY recipes.

What You'll Need

1. Avocado

2. Sugar-free Yogurt

3. Lemon

4. Honey

5. Egg White

6. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

7. Coconut Oil


- Avocado Face Mask -

1. Scoop out the flesh of half an avocado

2. Add a generous amount of coconut oil

3. Add a dash of honey

4. Add a generous amount of yogurt

5. Stir and mix until blended

- Avocado Hair Mask -

6. Scoop out the flesh of the other half of the avocado

7. Add a dash of olive oil

8. Stir and mix until blended

- Avocado Body Mask -

9. Add a dash of honey into a bowl of egg white

10. Squeeze in a lemon wedge

11. Stir and mix until foamy

12. Apply the face mask evenly over your whole face

13. Apply the hair mask evenly over your entire hair

14. Apply the body mask evenly over your whole neck and body

15. Let it sit for the next 20 minutes

16. Take a clean shower and you're done!

Indulge in this treatment ONCE a week, best on weekends when your mind and body is able to comfortably relax from a hectic week of work or school! :)

Love, Tram

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