If you're suffering from facial edema, it could be due to an allergic reaction, water retention, excessive alcohol consumption, stress, etc. If you suffer from swollen puffy eyes and cheeks in the morning, it could be due to a shift in hormones while you're asleep, or any one of the reasons above. 

So how to get rid of puffy face and eyes especially when you wake up in the morning? If you are rushing for work or an important appointment, you would want to look refreshed, and would want a solution to these problems, FAST!

My solution, Cucumber.

Why cucumber? Why is cucumber so effective when applied topically on the skin? This is because the flesh of the cucumber is made up of 96% water and it keeps our skin hydrated. It also has an adequate amount of Vitamin C and caffeic acid, both of which prevent water retention, soothe skin irritation and reduce swelling. Not only that, its anti-inflammatory properties can also treat acne and pimple problems. Cucumber even helps in skin lightening! This is why I love incorporating natural ingredients in my skin care routine so much. Cost-effective, safe, and works like magic!

The tutorial I'm going to show you today is quick and effective.. especially for those who wake up in the morning with these problems! So if you are wondering how to get rid of puffy face and eyes but have no time for any hassle, this tutorial will be the BEST one for you!

What You'll Need



1. Chop a cucumber into thin slices or strips (however you prefer)

2. Add them into a pail of iced water

3. Dip your face in and hold your breath multiple times until you feel refreshed

4. Place some cucumber slices under your eyes, and around puffy areas

5. Let them sit for the next 5 minutes

6. Wash off, pat dry, and you'll instantly feel good!

Do this every morning and I guarantee you'll look more refreshed than all your peers at work or school!

Love, Tram

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