Many of us are faced with the embarrassing and annoying problem of having open pores! I understand that many of you are constantly trying to find answers on how to get rid of large pores, how to tighten pores, and wondering what exactly is the best pore minimizer in town! FRET NO MORE!

While we are unable to completely eliminate facial pores, WE CAN, however, cleanse and shrink the size of our pores substantially. Large, open pores on face generally occur due to sun damage, aging and improper or insufficient skin care.

Hence, it is important to always keep our pores clean so that they do not get enlarged, and by using a homemade pore minimizer that I'll be teaching you today, it will greatly reduce your pore size!

I will be using A SINGLE INGREDIENT for this regime - Tomato. Why Tomato? Well, tomato contains astringent properties. An astringent is a chemical compound that can constrict body tissue and remove excess oil - exactly what reduces those large pores! Not only that, tomatoes are packed with Vitamin A and C and antioxidants that makes them a natural remedy for acne and pimples. Most importantly, it helps to cleanse and clear clogged facial pores, dramatically reducing the size of your pores within a few applications!

A cheap, safe and effective natural pore minimizer that is able to cure all sorts of skin ailments, tomato certainly does a better job than over-the-counter chemical products.. especially for those with sensitive skin!

What You'll Need



1. Chop a tomato into fine slices

2. Place them into a bowl filled with water

3. Freeze in the freezer overnight till it becomes iced

4. Run the bowl under warm water until you are able to remove the iced tomato from the bowl

5. Massage the iced tomato gently around your whole face

6. Remove the tomato slices from the ice and place them into a pail of water

7. Dip your face in and hold your breath multiple times

8. Place the tomato slices onto your face, especially on areas with large pores

9. Let it sit for the next 10 minutes

10. Wash your face and you're done!

After a few applications, you will notice that your facial pores has shrunk substantially and you will also notice a reduction in facial oil! Feel free to do this daily :)

Love, Tram

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