As we all know, having body odor can be very distressing as it causes people to stay away from you due to the unpleasant smell. It gets especially worse if you partake in outdoor activities as the odor tends to get more pungent. This may actually deter you from participating in the activities you love! But as much as it seems like no one really knows how to get rid of armpit odor, there is actually a really easy method that works and only consists of using ginger and lemon!

So how to get rid of armpit odor (even feet odor) effectively using ginger and lemon? First, we need to understand each of their properties. Ginger has amazing antioxidants that flushes out toxins from our body. It does so by causing our body to break out in sweat (bringing toxins to the surface of our skin) so that they can be flushed out. Lemon juice, on the other hand, is acidic and has antibacterial properties. As an astringent, it also minimizes our pores which naturally leads to a decrease in sweat production. In addition, the detoxification nature of lemons is the complete opposite of what body odor needs to thrive!

With that said, I will show you how to get rid of armpit odor and even smelly feet odor with my highly effective homemade body odor treatment today! :)

What You'll Need

1. Lemon

2. Ginger


1. Remove the skin of the ginger completely

2. Chop the ginger up into smaller bits

3. Wrap the ginger bits with filter paper and smash it with a heavy object OR simply grind it.

4. When its done, squeeze half a lemon in.

5. Wrap it up and you can now massage it onto both your armpits for 20 minutes or so (until you feel it dry up!)

Perform this TWICE a week and you'll see your condition improve tremendously!

Love, Tram

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