Many of us get self-conscious when we take a picture and our double chin accidentally shows. Instead of trying to find that angle to hide your double chin, how amazing would it be if we knew how to get rid of fat under chin that single-handedly ruins our photos! Whether it is caused by a genetic condition, old age and loose skin, or being overweight, it helps to know how to get rid of fat under chin for improved confidence in ourselves!

Ginger is a natural diuretic that eliminates excess water weight; super effective for getting rid of those fats under our chins! If you have not read how ginger can help fight off body odor in my previous post, do so after this! Double chin may be removed by cosmetic surgeries but why take the risk and go through all that pain and anxiety.. and spend a ton of money? There is no need to!

Using my natural formula twice a week over the next few weeks, you will notice how that layer of fat under your chin starts going away as simple as that!

What You'll Need

1. Sea Salt

2. Ginger


1. Heat up a bowl of sea salt (no water)

2. Grate or chop a knob of ginger into small bits and add them in.

3. Mix and stir on high heat.

4. Once cooked, scoop out evenly onto a tissue paper and fold it up.

5. Place it onto a face mask and wear it around your chin for 20 mins. Adjust properly to make sure it presses against all areas of your chin.

6. Wash off when done!

Perform this ONCE a week and you'll notice a difference very quickly!

Love, Tram

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