For those who travel often and live in hotels, using unknown shampoos can be unhealthy. For those with dry or brittle hair, dandruff, sensitive and itchy scalp, it can be worst! Shampoos purchased from stores (however reliable their brands are) are still chemical products, you never know what they can do to your hair in the long run.

So today, we are going to create our very own DIY Essential Oil Shampoo. Essential oil is the natural and concentrated oil essence that is being extracted from plants and loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that has skin-healing and regeneration properties.

For those who have heard about essential oils but never knew how to use them or incorporate them into your hair care routine, I am going to show you how today! My homemade essential oil shampoo is natural, healthy and simple to make and store for regular use! You can even bring a small bottle with you overseas! :)

What You'll Need

1. Organic Soap Bar

2. Vinegar

3. Lemongrass

4. Essential Oil


1. Remove the knobby ends and upper stems of a bunch of lemongrass stalks, and place the middle flesh into a pot of water. Boil it.

2. Slice a few knobby ends into smaller pieces and add them in too.

3. Slice the organic soap bar into smaller chunks.

4. Slice a few knobby ends and place them into a storage bottle.

5. When your stalks are boiled, throw in the small chunks of organic soap bar.

6. Add 2 tablespoons of vinegar

7. Add a few drops of essential oil

8. Mix well.

And there you have it, your very own essential oil shampoo! You can even keep it in a bottle and bring it overseas!

Love, Tram

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