At every point of our lives, we would have met with skin problems. For those with oily skin, you have to be even more cautious when looking for skin care products. Gel-based products are the best for those with oily skin, so today, I'm going to show you how to create a portable DIY Face Serum for oily skin!

For today's DIY Face Serum for oily skin, we will be using 2 natural ingredients, Aloe Vera and Beetroot.

Aloe Vera contains anti-allergic properties that cures many skin conditions including eczema, burns, blisters, and more. It also reduces the size of open pores, removes oil and dirt particles, and is able to easily penetrate our skin. For those with oily skin, aloe vera is especially helpful as it will keep your skin moisturized and helps restore its PH value. Beetroot has the same effects as Aloe Vera as it removes impurities, cures sun damage scars, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, anti aging spots, wrinkles, and gives your skin a natural pinkish glow!

My natural DIY Face Serum for oily skin is easy to create, store and brought around! It is much safer and cheaper than buying chemical products off the shelves, so let's get started! :)

What You'll Need

1. Aloe Leaves

2. Beetroot

3. Salt Water


1. Retrieve the gel from the aloe leaves. The gel is the middle portion of the aloe leaves, so you'll slice out the skin to get to it.

2. Add the gel into a bowl of salt water

3. Chop the gel and beetroot into tiny bits

4. You can squeeze the residue serum out of both the chopped gel and beetroot using a filter paper. Or use a juicer to extract the juice, then pour it over filter paper to obtain the residue serum.

5. Store the serum in any bottle, or in a spray bottle, and use it everyday!

Feel free to use this homemade face serum daily! You can even bring it out with you to keep your skin hydrated and nourished at all times!

Love, Tram

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