Lemongrass is a popular plant in Asia and Africa that tends to be used as a herb for cooking and flavoring purposes. Lemongrass, as an astringent, has powerful antibacterial properties that can naturally heal wounds and tighten skin cells. This is why lemongrass is such an important ingredient when it comes to unclogging, cleansing and sealing our pores from blackheads and dirt. It also helps that lemongrass comprises of anti-aging properties that protects our face from wrinkles. Rice, on the other hand, is a well-known Asian beauty secret that comprises of similar properties. It promotes cell growth and blood circulation, thus keeping our skin tight, smooth, soft and rosy!

When cooked together with water in a rice cooker, a mixture of lemongrass with rice will release steam that is strong enough to open up our facial pores, cleanse it thoroughly, and prevent impurities from penetrating. For better effect, it is best to do it with a towel over your head to make sure the steam goes directly to your face. Of course, maintain a safe distance from the steam vent and make sure it is strong enough for you to feel the steam working on your face (and make you sweat), but not burn yourself. End off the routine by washing your face with cold water to seal your pores shut!

Do not fret about how to unclog pores and maintain a crystal clear skin because it truly does not cost you anything and involves no need for chemical products! So sensitive souls, this will work for you! Everyone should know how to unclog pores the simplest way so this is what you'll learn today! :)

What You'll Need

1. Rice

2. Lemongrass


1. Remove the upper stem and knobby ends of the lemongrass. Place the middle flesh into a rice cooker.

2. Pour in a bowl of rice.

3. Fill it with water and set the rice cooker to 'Cook'.

4. Once its cooked, place your face near the steam vent for a few minutes.

5. Finish off by washing your face with cold water.

This is a super easy and effective way to achieve softer, smoother, and younger-looking skin! Make it a point to reward your skin to a rice cooker face spa TWICE a week!

Love, Tram

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