If you are wondering how to grow thicker eyebrows and longer lashes, or suffering from eyebrow hair loss problems, today's homemade eyebrow regrowth treatment will help you solve all of these issues!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is pretty much the best natural product when it comes to growing out thicker, fuller eyebrows and longer lashes. This is because it is loaded with Vitamins A and E that aid in hair growth. Vitamin A spurs the production of sebum (our body's natural oil) while Vitamin E conditions our hair follicles and properly nourishes them to grow out fuller. Lemon, on the other hand, stimulates eyebrow regrowth and is especially helpful for those suffering from eyebrow hair fall and sparse eyebrows. This is because lemon consists of Vitamin B, C and many other nutrients that stimulates eyebrow regrowth. 

If you are one of those who over-plucked your eyebrows and found that they are unable to grow back, using this homemade eyebrow regrowth treatment daily over the next few weeks will guarantee stronger and fuller eyebrows! But remember NOT to expose your eyebrows or lashes to the sun within 2 hours of applying lemon so as to prevent your eyebrow color from lightening.

Do note that this treatment has to performed at least once a day, religiously, for you to be able to witness amazing results in a few weeks!

What You'll Need

1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2. Lemon Peel


1. Remove the lemon peel (skin of a lemon) and slice it into small, fine bits.

2. Place all the lemon bits into a storage bottle.

3. Fill the bottle up with extra virgin olive oil.

4. Store the bottle of mixture aside for 3 weeks before using it.

5. After 3 weeks, apply generously onto your eyebrows, lashes and even hair, at least once a day over the next few weeks!

You are guaranteed to notice stronger and fuller eyebrows, and even longer lashes in a few weeks time! :)

Love, Tram

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