Rice Paddy Herb, also known as Limnophila Aromatica, is a popular herb found in Asia that is used to treat various kinds of illnesses ranging from stomach problems to persistent cough with mucus. If you're located in Asia, you should be familiar with this herb! If you're located elsewhere, you should be able to find it at any Chinese, Vietnamese or Thai markets. 

So how effective is this herb when it comes to treating persistent cough with mucus? Very. Often, you may realize that cough and phlegm could take ages to completely recover from. Whether it is bronchitis or other respiratory infections, it takes forever to completely heal. Even after visiting the doctors and consuming our antibiotics, our cough and phlegm may still linger. And it also gets exhausting trying to cough up mucus from our chest.

But so long as you can get your hands on this herb, you will be safe. Boil it with water and drink 2-3 glasses everyday, then regardless of how persistent your cough and mucus is, it will go away! The rice paddy herb acts as a cough expectorant that dislodges even the thickest phlegm from our lungs and enables us to cough it out without much effort. Your rate of coughing will also decrease and within a week, your throat will pretty much be cleared from all that mucus!

This popular remedy from Asia works like a charm, especially for treating persistent cough with mucus (however severe your case may be). It is so much safer and cheaper than downing antibiotics! Try my remedy today and share it with people who are suffering from the same problem! This will save them a lot of time, money, and worries! :)

What You'll Need

Rice Paddy Herb


1. Thoroughly wash the rice paddy herb with salt

2. Place it into a kettle and fill with water to boil.

3. Once its boiled, open the lid and place a towel over your head (make sure you are completely covered) to ensure the steam does not escape and goes directly to your face!

4. Take deep breaths in and out.

5. It is best to stop only when you feel like you have completely sweat it all out!

6. After you are all done, pour yourself 2-3 glasses to drink everyday, over the next 7 days.

Make sure you drink this recipe DAILY for an entire week. You will realize that regardless of how severe your cough and phlegm condition are, you will pretty much be recovered by the end of a week!

Love, Tram

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