Mint leaves is a herb that has been historically known for its medicinal and skin-healing effects. Used extensively in skin care routines, it is loaded with a high amount of antibacterial properties that heals all kinds of acne scars and blemishes! Not only that, it is soft on the skin and works best on people who suffer from acne troubles.

If you are one with wrinkles and aging spots, applying the juice from mint leaves directly onto your face will get rid of them quite magically over a period of time! As we all know, there is no instant wrinkle remover that works overnight! Mint juice is considered an instant wrinkle remover that starts working on your skin the moment you put it on! The process is gradual and takes at least a month to show significant reduction in wrinkles and fine lines, but there is nothing better than this!

Mint leaves has been known to consist of most of what is required for a good complexion so try my homemade instant wrinkle remover today and thank me later! :)

What You'll Need

Mint Leaves


1. Slice a bunch of mint leaves and place them into a ziplock.

2. Lay the ziplock flat and use a heavy object to knock all over it repeatedly.

3. Remove the mint leaves from the ziplock and wrap it up with tissue paper.

4. Scrunge the juice out into a bowl.

5. Dab evenly over the wrinkled areas on your face.

Perform this TWICE a week!

Love, Tram

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