If you are one with acne prone or sensitive skin, or if your skin regularly breaks out after coming into contact with cosmetic products, it is wiser to use natural methods to treat your acne and skin problems. Prescription chemical products bought off the shelves may aggravate your acne and skin and cause even more problems!

The best home remedy for acne is definitely a combination of bitter melon and tomato. Bitter melon is one of the best natural foods used to control, prevent and treat acne, pimples, and other skin allergies as it loaded with many anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory components. Tomato, on the other hand, is great for treating acne because of the antioxidants in it that helps prevent skin damage. When applied topically, its acidity can also help dry up the acne spot faster and tighten your pores to prevent more acne from forming. To top it off, the fact that a tomato comprises of Vitamins A, B, C, E, and K makes you wonder why would anyone bother buying over-the-counter prescriptions for the same vitamins, when you can get it naturally and cheaply?

This is definitely the best home remedy for acne as it has no side effects, is guaranteed to work, and produces visibly quick results as you witness your complexion clear up within a few applications!

What You'll Need

1. Bitter Melon

2. Tomato


1. Leave a piece of bitter melon in the freezer overnight

2. Take it out of the freezer the next day and grate it

2. Apply the residue onto your acne spots and let it sit for 15 min

3. Grate more bitter melon, and a tomato

4. Mix the residue well

5. Apply the mixture onto your whole face as a face mask

6. Gently massage your face over the next 20 min, and wash off!

Feel free to use the acne cream daily & the face mask TWICE a week and I assure you a clearer and healthier complexion in no time!

Love, Tram

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