Sinus is a common disease that people from all over the world suffer from. Whether it is due to erratic weather conditions, air-conditioned areas, or rainy seasons, it can all trigger sinusitis. I personally suffer from sinusitis problems since a very young age, so this cold and sinus pressure relief method that I will be sharing with you today is something that have worked wonders for me all these years.. and I strongly believe it will for you too!

Ginger is a traditionally effective herb for curing sinus infections as it contains anti-inflammatory compounds that relieves you from all kinds of sinus pain and infection. When applied topically on your forehead and along the sides of your nose, the heat from the ginger juice can decrease the swelling within, dilute your mucus and you will feel it running down your nose naturally without you having to force it out. Lotus root, on the other hand, is loaded with Vitamins B and C, Calcium, Iron, and tons of other nutrients that generally relieve nasal congestion, fever and inflammation. In addition, the Vitamin C compound present in lotus roots also helps dilute excessive mucus that have built up within your respiratory system. This is why lotus root is one of the best natural ingredients to use for curing asthma, bronchitis, flu, cough and even tuberculosis!

Therefore, if you are suffering from any one of the above ailments for a long period of time, follow my cold and sinus pressure relief method today and you will be cured much quickly, and naturally!

What You'll Need

1. Ginger

2. Lotus Root


1. Skin and slice up the lotus root

2. Skin and slice up a piece of ginger

3. Place the ginger slices into a bowl and smash them into bits

4. Add the lotus slices in and smash them up too. Make sure everything is completely smashed.

5. Apply the mixture generously onto your forehead and along the sides of your nose. Let it sit for 20 minutes before washing off.

This remedy is especially effective for those suffering from a common cold or runny nose too!

Love, Tram

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