What happens when you are out basking in the wonderful sun, forgot your sunscreen or got distracted, then came home with a sunburn? It is undoubtedly best to prevent yourself from getting a sunburn altogether so as to avoid the risk of skin cancer and aging spots.. but still, it always happens. People are always on the hunt for a cure. And the most common question I get is, "How to get rid of a sunburn overnight?"

My secret, potatoes.

For an intensive sunburn treatment, frozen potatoes would do the job very well. This is because potatoes contain starch-based compounds that helps relieve pain and redness from your sunburn, while the juice that oozes out moisturizes and nourishes your dry and burnt skin. On the other hand, sugar-free milk provides a gentle and cooling effect on our skin. So unless you have an allergy to dairy products, this remedy will work amazing for you! Suntanning lovers, you never have to question how to get rid of a sunburn overnight anymore!

What You'll Need

1. Potato

2. Lemon

3. Sugar-free Milk


1. Remove the skin of the potato completely

2. Slice a lemon in half

3. Grate the skinned potato

4. Squeeze the lemon into the grated potato residue

5. Grate the lemon peel as well

6. Pour in half a cup of milk

7. Mix well

8. Wrap filter paper over a cup and pour the mixture in

9. Place the cup into a freezer over the next few hours

10. When it has frozen, remove the wrapped up mixture from the cup and start massaging it over all your sunburn spots and blemishes!

For those with blemishes or hyperpigmentation, use this DAILY and you will notice a significant change after each application!

Love, Tram

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