Cucumbers are instant eye bag relievers. I had previously written a similar article about how cucumbers contain antioxidants and flavonoids that help reduce morning puffy eyes and face.

Today, I will show you another effective method of using cucumbers to get rid of your eye bags, dark circles and puffy face! Not only that, the caffeic and ascorbic acids present in cucumbers decrease water retention in the region and further keeps your eyes in the best condition!

In any case, if your facial puffiness is due to skin irritation or inflammation, cucumbers can also ease your case! So if you, like many others, are wondering how to get rid of bags under eyes in 24 hours.. you are at the RIGHT tutorial! Practice this over the affected eye regions and your whole face as this will ensure a super refreshed look immediately! Start now!

What You'll Need



1. Grate a cucumber

2. Scoop the residue into an ice tray and place it into a freezer. DO NOT add water.

3. When it has frozen, massage around your eyes and even your whole face!

Use it whenever you are having a late night or have to look refreshed for an event! Works like magic!

Love, Tram

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