Many people may not know this, but lemon peel contains the most amount of nutrients in a lemon. It is a tremendous waste when people simply discard the peel (may also be due to its bitter taste). Never do that!

Lemon peel, the best joint pain relief ever, is loaded with powerful nutrients such as Vitamin A, C, citric acid, citronella, lemon oil and its anti-inflammatory compounds are especially good for curing joint pains and arthritis! The acids from the lemon peel act as relaxants that soothe and lessen joint pains. In addition, Vitamins A and C are great for curing arthritis and prevents premature deterioration of the joints.

With that said, who would have known that boiling water with lemon peel and drinking a glass or two everyday would relieve you from all kinds of joint pains? If you are one of those suffering from joint pains, do not wait any further. My joint pain relief drink is the one that can help you, and it literally only takes a minute of your time!

What You'll Need

Lemon Peel


1. Remove the lemon peel from the fruit

2. Add the lemon peel into a pot of water

3. Boil on High heat

4. When it has boiled, turn the heat to 'Low' and let it sit for 20 minutes

5. Drink 1-2 glasses everyday over the next 7-10 days!

If you feel light-headed or unwell after the first few glasses, stop immediately as your body may not be strong enough for this remedy.

Love, Tram

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