In Chinese culture, the combination of pears and rock sugar have the ability to ease and soothe irritation and swelling in throat, flush out the heat in your body, reduce cough, phlegm, fever, and keep your lungs and heart in good condition. To put it simply, it is great for anyone suffering from dry cough, phlegm, or any common cold and irritation symptoms.

By incorporating ginger in this remedy, it helps to directly treat the root cause of your throat irritation. This is because ginger is known as a natural "painkiller" that helps eliminate any pain related to the throat. It does not have any side effects and is great for the body.

This magical soup for sore throat and cough is so potent, most people I know only have to drink it once, and they instantly recover!

In case you were wondering, you are free to use any pears but my personal favorite is still the Asian pear (like the one I used in my video). For rock sugar, you are free to use the clear or yellow ones, as what it does is simply flushing the heat out of your system. However, if you do not have access to rock sugar, pure honey will do just fine.

On a special note, I do have to warn you that the flavor of this pear soup for sore throat and cough is absolutely heavenly! It is by far my favorite dessert in the world! And it certainly helps that it comes along with so many nourishing benefits from our throat, to the heart!

What You'll Need

1. Pear

2. Ginger

3. Rock Sugar


1. Skin and slice a piece of ginger into fine pieces

2. Skin and slice 1/2 a pear into fine cubes

3. Add the ginger and pear slices into a pot of water

4. Add 2 tablespoons of rock sugar and leave it to boil

5. After it has boiled, leave it sitting for another 15 mins on 'Low Heat'

6. Enjoy your soup!

Drink this ONCE and you will notice your cough and sore throat is GONE!

Love, Tram

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