Radish is loaded with a huge amount of Vitamin A and C. Vitamin C, in particular, stimulates collagen production that causes our skin to become tighter and younger! While Vitamin A helps lighten our skin and brings out the glow in our complexion! Radish also contains a ton of minerals and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that keep our skin moisturized and soft. These fatty acids are known to keep out wrinkles and fine lines!

For those with sensitive and dry skin, radish is helpful as they also act as cooling agents that calms and soothes our skin and can even remove itchy skin (such as insect bites). Rest assured that the glow produced by radishes are not the shiny and oily appearance present in our adolescent years. Radishes reduces oiliness so what we will get is a cleaner, softer and supple complexion that is not caused by oil at all.

These are the reasons why using radish as a topical remedy is incredibly effective! This skin tightening treatment that I am recommending today is definitely a multi-function must-try!

What You'll Need

1. Red Radish

2. Coconut Milk

3. Compressed Sheet Mask / Blank Sheet Mask


1. Wash the radish

2. Grate it

3. Pour the grated residue into a cup of coconut milk and mix well

4. Dip a sheet mask into the mixture fully

5. Then place it onto your face

6. Apply the mixture generously over your face mask

Use it DAILY and you will notice significantly tighter and glowing skin after a few applications!

Love, Tram

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