After you get caught with a sunburn, the next thing that will happen is normally peeling of the skin. Having them turn into dry patches along with flaky and peeling skin is very common. In fact, peeling of skin due to cold weather conditions can also be cured with this same remedy! Instead of slapping chemical products onto dry, itchy or peeling skin, it is wiser to treat them with natural foods such as banana.

So how to stop sunburn peeling and why is banana a good cure? Firstly, the high level of water and moisture content present in bananas will keep your skin fully hydrated and cooled. Secondly, the high level of potassium present in bananas helps fight skin damage and smooths any dry and tough skin. Thirdly, as bananas are loaded with a great amount of Vitamin E, it can help the skin recover from any damage caused by UV rays, etc. Lastly, when there is dry skin, wrinkles and fine lines will come along. But the B Complex Vitamins present in bananas will prevent all that premature aging and lines from forming. To top it off, olive oil contains fatty acids that moisturizes and nourishes our dry skin, and locks in the moisture! If you do not have olive oil, you can use honey as a replacement as it has skin-healing properties and the enzymes and minerals present in it will treat sunburns and peeling!

With that said, a combination of banana and olive oil (or honey) will be your MOST effective choice on how to stop sunburn peeling and many other skin ailments! It always works! As a bonus, if you are in the early stage of a fresh sunburn where there is redness and pain, read a similar article I wrote on how to get rid of your sunburn overnight! Enjoy!

What You'll Need

1. Banana

2. Olive Oil or Honey


1. Slice a whole banana up into smaller pieces

2. Add a tablespoon of olive oil or honey

3. Mash it up till it is blended. You can do it manually with a spoon or with a blender.

4. When the mixture is completely blended, apply it onto the affected areas!

After a few applications, your skin should be completely healed!

Love, Tram

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